Our new unit heaters. Consistently EC.

Modernised in every dimension


The all-round hall heater. Five models of TOP unit heater to meet your needs, regardless of how high the ceiling or how tough the conditions in the hall. With the TOP-C now even supplying cool air.



Our secret weapon for ideal air conditioning of exhibition spaces and sales rooms, entrance foyers or retail chains. Continuously variable control for an optimum climate in these spaces really counts here. Ultra-efficient – you could say.



Fast, simple, practical. The little brother of the TOP unit heater is just as ideal for heating halls and workshops on simpler projects. Unbeatable in terms of value for money, it controls efficiently coupled with space-saving installation.


Why EC?

Kampmann is completely modernising its unit heaters.
As the market leader in this segment, we are responsibly taking a courageous step forwards and, from now on, will be relying systematically on EC technology (What is EC?) to power and control our units.
There are good reasons for this:

No wasted power

The electronics combined with the control software operates the fan in our unit heaters with optimum energy consumption at each operating point. This achieves up to 70 % savings compared to AC technology, particularly in the partial load range, a fact that can be seen from the operating costs even from the first year of operation.

Continuously variable control

The entire product range has been converted to EC motors, meaning that every unit can now be continuously variably controlled. The start/stop control of AC motors is a thing of the past. Input the parameters for an optimum climate, and the control does the rest.

Minimum noise levels

We only notice how much a high noise level affects us when it is abruptly interrupted. Our continuously variably controlled unit heaters generate less stress, as they only operate within the power range actually required. Only the noise emissions actually needed are produced, evenly and quietly through the use of whisper-quiet sickle-blade fans. 

ErP-compliant future

The requirements governing energy-related products (ErP) will be further tightened in 2022 within the contact of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive. It will be difficult for units with AC motors to comply with these requirements. By contrast, you can relax in the knowledge that Kampmann EC unit heaters fully comply.

Kampmann every time

Enough good reasons for EC technology: a comprehensive range of outputs from various models, and the right product to meet every need. Why not opt for greater ease of operation, reliability and speed? Our promise to you: In Kampmann you have a partnership-based manufacturer of quality products to assist with advice and hands-on support.

Leading future-proof technology

"A bold move? I think it's consistent."

TOP for tough conditions

  • new diameters and models across the entire range
  • enhanced volumetric flows and heat outputs 
  • model 8 – for extremely high-ceilinged halls (up to 20 m)
TOP Unit Heater
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